We are growing, yay! and another SuiteFeedBack release is ready. See our top new features.

Bot Detection

Bot detection allows you to track which responses are likely bots by adding a field to each response called Bot. Every response is flagged that the respondent was a bot, which you can then use to filter out data or build reports. We inactivate by default, the response and request records.

Prevent Multiple Submissions

When enabled in your survey options, Prevent multiple submissions allows you to detect duplicates and keep them from making their way through the survey. During the first survey session, Prevent multiple submissions places a cookie on the browser. If the same respondent comes back on the same browser and device, without having cleared their cookies, they are flagged as a duplicate.

New Survey Templates

We added new designs for all our Survey Types and created Email and Web templates, so it’s a different experience for the end user.

New Survey Types

Based on the CSAT Framework we added Happy faces and Thumbs Up and Down type of Surveys.

eNPS (Employee Surveys)

Send anonymous Surveys to your Employees and get realtime feedback right in NetSuite!

Survey anywhere and everywhere with Survey Links

Versatile feedback collection – Your customized survey link can be shared anywhere. Ask customers for feedback in email signatures, chats, social media platforms, printed marketing materials with QR codes, and more. Try it here

Branching Logic

The Thank You page counts as one-third of your survey — it’s valuable real estate. Keep customers engaged with a personalized message based on the rating score, so happy customers can help you spread the word and unsatisfied customers can get in touch with customer support.

New Plans and Pricing

At SuiteFeedback, we’re always listening to our customers to build features that they need to succeed. Today we are excited to announce a new pricing plan and feature update. See the new plans at www.suitefeedback.com/pricing