10 Simple Reasons Why You Should Be Surveying Your Customers In NetSuite

Suite Feedback

Based on our customers feedback, we put together the top reasons why they love surveying their customers in NetSuite with SuiteFeedback and avoid feedback silos.

1.  Survey each customer at the right time.

2. Automate feedback data collection with surveys that correspond to the unique journey of your customers.

3. Execute rNPS quarterly, biannually, or annually, or tNPS after a transaction, project or event.

4. Choose the number of reminders customers receive and how frequently they’ll get them.

5. Prevent survey fatigue with global or pre-survey rules that stop too many requests from going to customers.

6. Understand customer value by correlating NPS segments with lifetime value and other operational metrics.

7. Collect customer feedback in a frictionless, fast way.

8. Create custom reports using all NetSuite records and fields.

9. Respond to feedback individually or at scale.

10. Automate follow-up with workflows and actions.


11. Engage your whole team to create a customer-obsessed culture.

These are just 10 reasons why you should be surveying your customers right in NetSuite. There are many more!

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