Beyond the benefits listed above, here are 18 benefits that explain how businesses gain from using a 100% native NetSuite app.

  1. Faster, Single Database: No need to synch data, or worry about access to data – increases speed of accessing data and generating reports.
  2. Administrative Ease: NetSuite administrator  acts as platform experts to help your company run and implement more native apps.
  3. Easier Upgrades: Single platform enables updates to be readily added in one place.
  4. Easier Integration: Native app exists in one platform for seamless integration.
  5. Better Security: Data is stored within NetSuite’s server (no third-party) – and no outside data is let in from other servers.
  6. Universal Policies: Native apps use NetSuite’s security model so there’s no need to manage multiple security policies and procedures.
  7. Ease of Availability: Native apps in SDN are always available when NetSuite is working.
  8. Guaranteed Performance: Native apps are backed by the same reputation as NetSuite.
  9. More Trust: SDN policies and best practices are always followed by native apps.
  10. Easier Accessibility: Data is available in NetSuite’s reports dashboard.
  11. Faster Implementation: Native apps can be running in a matter of minutes.
  12. Lower Costs: Because users are familiar with NetSuite, adoption costs are lower.
  13. Solid Infrastructure: Native apps are available on the NetSuite platform.
  14. Larger Community: Collaboration from other NetSuite users eases integration.
  15. Better Customization: Developers can customize codes to better integrate products.
  16. Lower Costs: Combined functionality of native apps create more efficiencies.
  17. NetSuite Environment: Native apps work within their own environment, not an API.
  18. Longstanding Partnerships: Native NetSuite users commit to long-term partnerships.