Measuring and Improving eNPS Leads to Happier Employees and Customers

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Companies can now gather robust data at nearly any point of business operations, which means understanding the experience at every touchpoint or “moment of truth” has never been easier. Viewing customer feedback at a one-on-one level means companies can reach out and take action quickly as needed.

The tool most commonly used to gather that information is the Net Promoter System (NPS) survey. NPS measures brand loyalty and the likelihood that a customer will recommend products or services to others. This makes NPS essential to creating and nurturing a customer-focused culture.

As any CEO can tell you, great customer experiences are delivered by engaged and enthusiastic employees. So the importance of delivering positive employee experiences shouldn’t be overlooked. Companies can find answers using eNPS, which measures employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Using eNPS to Improve Customer Experience

An eNPS survey measures how likely employees are to recommend their workplace to others. It’s important because loyal employees are more productive and more likely to maintain the company’s customer-focused mission of quality support.

Conversely, unhappy employees lead to higher employee turnover, which is costly because productivity is lost when companies are constantly recruiting and training new employees. And when your staff members are new, they are more likely to make mistakes, leading to unhappy customers.

When early adopters of eNPS began to factor in this metric, they saw the importance of the employee as a brand voice. Companies like JetBlue, Apple, and Rackspace all noticed that loyal employees who believed in the brand were more capable of turning customers into promoters.

The best thing about an eNPS survey is that it minimizes the employee burden because it asks just a few questions. Many adopters of eNPS have even settled on a single variation of one main question:

“On a scale of zero to 10, how likely is it that you would recommend this organization as a place to work?”

When you consider that only 33% of employees are very satisfied “promoters” of their jobs, that means two-thirds of employees fall into the “passive” and “detractor” categories. This shows why more companies should consider focusing on employee satisfaction in order to reinforce bottom-line growth.

Apple is probably the best example of a company that uses eNPS to create an enthusiastic fan base from within. When Steve Jobs laid out his vision for the iPhone, every full-time employee of the company received one for free. That transformed thousands of employees into one of the most effective marketing forces ever assembled.

How to Make the Most of eNPS Data

Studying and responding to eNPS surveys goes a long way toward boosting NPS values for customers as well. Using an NPS/eNPS solution such as SuiteFeedback allows companies to tailor and manage eNPS programs with ease, creating a more customer-focused culture. Here’s how to make the most of eNPS data:

1. Determine how many promoters you have. Understanding how engaged your employees are is important because it tells you how likely they are to recommend your company as a good place to work. It tells you their level of brand loyalty.

2. Use a follow-up question to learn what makes employees happy. Identifying and understanding the key factors that keep employees happy and satisfied tells you what you’re doing right and what’s missing.

3. Work to create as many promoters at work as possible. By listening to what employees say and taking steps to make needed improvements, you build goodwill from within. And that goodwill is conveyed to the customer, leading to more positive customer interactions.

Optimizing your employees’ experience is crucial to the health of steady bottom-line growth. Collecting eNPS and working to make improvements can boost other metrics, such as performance, productivity, innovation, and valuable employee retention. With a vibrantly positive employee experience, you’ll cultivate a loyal customer base and a powerful word-of-mouth marketing force.

To learn more about SuiteFeedback and how we can help you measure customer and employee loyalty through eNPS, request a demo today.

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